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—  GreeneHouse NYC- Offers Residential and Commercial Real Estate photography.  We work with Corporate and business as well as individuals to create lifestyle Photography

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We Offer Interior, Commercial, Portrait and Lifestyle Photography. 

Every space, every place, and every being has its own unique footprint and its own unique story. At  GreeneHouse NYC Photography  we aim to capture and recount the stories of our clients. Whether we’re photographing people or inanimate objects, our approach is to get to know our subjects and figure out how to best showcase their essence.


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Email:info@GreeneHouse NYC
Phone : 917 . 902 . 0156

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Melanie Greene

Founder, Principal
& Photographer


Melanie Greene is the founder of Greenehouse NYC Photography and the chief operating wizard of the Canon "monster"  that she’s been learning to tame since the age of eight.

She hails from the land of Philadelphia where she completed her Masters in Art Teaching with a focus in Photography at The University of the Arts.  Her original love was street photography which greatly influences her current photo-journalistic approach to portraiture. She strives to capture the organic nature of a moment and a relationship, preferring to be a fly on the wall rather than a director. 

The counterbalance to Melanie's portraits in motion is her approach to architectural and interior photography. Flawlessly staged  environments, unusual angles, and thoughtful composition, are all distinguishing characteristics of her real estate images. 

Melanie currently splits her time between her car and her apartment in Forest Hills, Queens.

Email.  Tel.  917.902.0156


Veronica London

Creative Director


Veronica Ledovsky comes from a background as varied as her continuously evolving hair styles. Her analytical thinking was shaped by her finance and economics education at one of the top higher education institutions in the world-McGill University. Her grit and her attitude came from her NYC upbringing, while her creative vision was fine-tuned through her fine arts studies over the last six years. As a result she’s able to bring a holistic  approach to Greenehouse Photogrphy  that balances sound business practices with the vision of an artist.

Veronica specializes in portraiture including but not limited to headshot photography. Her approach is to get to know the subjects before photographing them and bring out inner and outer beauty that they didn't know they had. 

Susan Hum


Virtual Staging

Susan is an avid admirer of creativity and design.  Having studied art, economics, and fashion design, she parlays her skills and knowledge into interior design via Virtual Staging. Previous to virtual staging she has worked in the fashion industry as a menswear designer on brands such as Ralph Lauren, Michael Kors, Tommy Hilfiger, etc.


Photography Sessions


“Photography, as a powerful medium of expression and communications, offers an infinite variety of perception, interpretation and execution.”
— Ansel Adams