Sutton Place NYC

Sutton Place Staging


We are used to being shown what we like. Open your social media, your internet page, the cookies follow us and we are guided to our choices. Our home selection seems to be no different. Most people can not see past a dated kitchen, floors in need of replacement, bathrooms in need of updating and windows that have seen better days. This is where the magic of staging, or a really motivated, savvy and creative agent comes into play.

I have worked with Elizabeth since I started this photography journey in 2010.


Every single time I walk into a space that she is selling, it is meticulously staged, down to every detail. I usually don’t require a table to be set, although truth be told, it does look better. She always sets the table. She always attends to the pillows, the books, the glasses in the kitchen. And while something might be an estate sale, having seen its last renovation in 1985, when you walk into one of Elizabeth’s staged listings, it’s almost like you cant see the date. The whole point of staging is so people can see themselves living in a space. These tactics, which, by the way, are no small undertaking, can make a world of difference for even the greatest visionary onlooker.