Flatiron Lofty-ness

Frivolity is not my thing, despite my surroundings. And those who live in the city and claim the same are liars.

I prefer my humble roots in the outer boroughs. Queens for now, and Brooklyn before it was “Brooklyn”. But I know there are still those who possess the #Manhattitude and find themselves allergic to anything over a river to the east (or West, if you speak Jersey). Unless of course there is an airport or beach at the other end. And maybe a baseball game. I digress.

When I do walk into a wow-worthy apartment, Its my hope that the owner is not there since my reaction is usually out of my mouth before I can filter it. “Whoa.” I usually say. And then, lets get to work.

This insanely large loft in Flatiron deemed worthy, with a very wealthy art collector inhabiting it. Truth be told, there was a lot of editing required for this unit. I cant really get into details, but lets just say the owner had a propensity towards religious art. I happen to love the client that took me into this urban wonderland and she never seems to fail in her collection of listings. But this unit, you walk in and you can feel the history. Its not always about the design or my photographic approach. Its about the space and the years of memories that a place encompasses.

I consider myself a truth seeker. I wish I could have posted all the images as they were. Only a Roman Catholic church in Europe could come close to comparison.