Modern BedSty Renovation - Another Perspective

I was called by the Ingram Team to shoot this renovated, staged, drool-worthy town house for the expressed purpose of social media. Truth be told, I probably could have been here for 4 hours. But since most people call me for my efficiency and speed, I opted for a straight editorial approach.

Pulling the outside in, this classic floor through parlor is quintessential townhouse, Brooklyn.

Pulling the outside in, this classic floor through parlor is quintessential townhouse, Brooklyn.

Bed Sty preceded social media.

I like to think of myself as a more Brooklyn/Downtown photographer. Or perhaps that’s just what I manifest because it was always an easier commute. No matter, I fell hard for the Brooklyn charm long ago and seeing the aesthetic transformation of the Borough, all other factors set aside, it is certainly wow-worthy.

There was a time, not so long ago, that the houses in Brooklyn reminded me fircely of my home town, Philly; rows of dilapidated, neglected homes, with obvious bones of quality beneath a rotting surface. Tree lined streets that screamed of typical Brooklyn charm presented themselves, if only they could be seen again through the years of decay. Even then, I could not imagine that the neighborhood would transform as it did. I remember looking at two houses, side by side, in 2011. They looked like they could be condemned, if not already. The foundations looked, from the street, as though they were sinking into the ground, frames lopsided, stairs and stoop rugged and broke. Still standing though, the houses possessed all the signs of having “weathered” the storm. One of my clients nudged me, “Wanna buy them?”.

I looked at her like she was crazy. “Huh?” I asked. “Seriously,” She continued. “We could probably get them for $250K a piece! $500K in reno and we can flip them right away.”

I smiled at her, remembering that at the time, I had not a penny to my name. Right! $250K. Every dollar I had, back then, went back to my gear, my technology, my credit card, and my struggling business. “Ill pass,” I told her.

I am still kicking myself today.

Now, there is nothing left to buy up in Bed Sty. All those dilapidated homes have been scooped up by investors and developers, seeking to restore that Brownstone charm that you once read about in urban history books. Each street, now, is more beautiful than the next. And its coupled with the interiors that blow me away every time I walk into one.

At this rate, I have seen dozens of these renovations. Modern interiors with standard industrial touches are the style, depending on the area. And the design works. You cant help but want to spend time in these sun drenched cozy corners that scream something out of Interiors Magazine. I do my best to capture the feeling. After all, thats what we are going for.

name: William Balasavage
Agent IG: @theingramteam
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