When it's time to brag

My goal on the daily is to let my ego go, to be unattached, to live in the present moment.  It is a process of unlearning as the other way has never served me much.  This is always a challenge, particularly when there are moments you so desperately want to hold on to. Thats how I felt, this past summer, photographing at my friends concert. 

He is not just a musician that plays for some third string band.  They are real, live, made it, rock stars.  The-Im-too-busy-rock stars.  Yeah, those.  And I saw him on his way up.  And this summer, when people I knew were asking if I was going to see this show, I was like, uh, I have a press pass. Again, I try to remain humble, but sometimes, on occasion, I brag. This was one of those times.  

The comedy of it was that I don't even take concert pics. I barely use my camera on a high ISO when I shoot events because i hate the grain factor.  I actually didn't even know what I needed to focus on and hoped sheer talent and a blind sense of light would guide me.  So into the pit I went, with my boyfriend who carried my gear and climbed behind the metal gates, encountering a few dirty looks, where all the other minons with expensive equipment tried hard not to encroach on each other's space, but in reality, we did.  The only guy who didn't was the one on stage with the band who was up in their faces.  Those pics were on Instagram that night.  It took me near four months to go through mine.  

My friend had told me the bands policy of the first ten minutes of the set but it didn't seem like many of the other photographers were honoring it.  My integrity counts so I tried to.  

The funny thing was, I think I would have been happier photographing the scene and not the band.  Everyone is looking at the band.  People rarely take a moment to look around and see the scene that makes up this unique following. I had a few moments.  Suffice to say, there was something about that night that woke me up to something a little different. I have been sleeping to my natural draw for some time.  The larger picture, the greater environment.  I thought it was about the individual subject.  Its not. And when I photograph the way I see, on a macro level, the images can speak for themselves.  In the mean time, I got to photograph the Disco Biscuits up close and personal.